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Clover print Face Mask CONE SHAPE

Clover print Face Mask CONE SHAPE



This is a Handmade Facemask made with three Layers of Fabric and elastic for behind the ears with adjustable bead so you can adjust to fit comfortably around your ears. It contains two outer layers of cotton Fabric and one inner layer of interface fabric which acts as a filter to help protect against dust and germs. Also, is a picture of the interface fabric that I put inside the mask it helps act as a filter against the germs I’ve done an aerosol test on them and the aerosol does not pass through the mask!

PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT MAKING CLAIMS that These will not prevent you from getting sick but they can help you and your family to not touch your face/mouth. Machine washable on delicate cold or hand a wash is recommened. Special orders are available


Adult - 5 3/4 inches tall from nose to chin and 7 3/4 inches from ear to ear(could use for teens as well)

Extra large - 6 1/2 inches from nose to chin and 9 1/2 inches from ear to ear(I WOULD RECOMMEND FOR A BIGGER SIZE FACE)

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